In this new day of social media and digital platforms, most companies that you see doing it the 'right' way have social media branding in tact and down to a science. Let us create beautiful custom templates & highlight icons for your social media channels to help tell your brands story and entice new possible customers with custom content. 


Whats included: 


6 Templates: 3 IG Feed Post 1080 x 1080 & 3 IG Story Post: 9 x 16


5 Highlight Icons: Customizable for any content you want visitors to your social media to know. 


1 Video Frame:  Cusom to Story & Feed Ratio 


Optional : 

Youtube Banner 

Facebook Banner 

Twitter Banner 

Social Media Branding

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Facebook B&W
    • Twitter B&W
    • LinkedIn B&W
    • Vimeo B&W

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